Clint Beastwood EP

by Caligari

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released December 21, 2011

All songs recorded and produced by Mike Krause

Tim Luce - Vocals
Ken Berg - Guitar
George Rudzinski - Guitar
Skyler Willett - Bass
Jesse Tofferi - Drums



all rights reserved


Caligari Grand Rapids, Michigan

Caligari have been consistently writing songs that encompass everything they love about the metal scene, whether it's sludge, thrash, stoner, doom, or death… these guys love it all and strive not to be confined by any single genre's sound. Their only goal is to write and perform songs that they themselves would want to listen to and, most importantly, have a hell of a good time doing it. ... more

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Track Name: Advice From a Misanthrope
A wise man once told me...
Never take advice from your parents
They want you all to themselves
You'll never live up to expectations
Never take advice from your siblings
The competition never ends
Never take advice from a stranger who isn't me
They can't commit to your well-being

As I watched the world crumble I knew exactly what he meant
But then all I could feel was sadness when I was left standing

Never take advice from your friends
Their place in life is all too temporary
Or from your partner
They will always leave in the end
Or from your boss
He owns your soul already anyway
But most importantly...
Never listen to yourself
The heart is often too confused to decide what it wants


I've lost my way
No compass to be found
All directions are blurred
I've lost my way
No compass to be found
Even in desert sands I drown

Track Name: As Is Tradition
If you spoke in segments
I'd cut you up to let you regrow
For you’ve been a burden
I'd cut off my own arms to let you go

Like the first day of rehab makes one feel clean
Years away you still infest my dreams
Like the methadone drip brings it all back
I still recall our crash

It's fitting you’re shaped like an hourglass
Every moment with you is just a countdown
Many a good man have died in your arms, and I among the finest
Accumulating souls to compensate for your spinelessness


You are the kind of hallucinogen that keeps a desperate man wandering by the railroad
As 60 miles per hour of eternal bliss dance with me on the tracks
The horn is no match for my last second scream
It's just a shame that the drugs always wear off before the climax

You are the hometown star you've always wanted to be
Eclipsed by night and sewn onto me

...just like an hourglass
...every moment with you is just a countdown

I'll be a structure when you’re toppling over
The white flag for your surrender


When the morning comes, who am I kidding?
I still awake feverish and shaking
Track Name: Cloakjob
I know you're going to suck me dry
Until there is nothing left
Until my skins and bones are dust and regret
What could turn such an angel into such a harlot?
Why would you want to flush it all away?
Every day is the same
A year long struggle
To feast on my will and self-esteem
Oh great deceiver...
And that mask you wear
You won't stop until I'm as hollow as you

First I'm a slave to the spiral
Then a slave to the fall
Then I'm a slave to you and
And now I’m a slave to it all

How could I be so weak as to let you walk over me?
You won't stop until all sense of self has been destroyed
No more will I be a victim
It's time to find another puppet
Only I have the power
You wouldn't dare set me free would you?
Now my callous is nice and thick
And there isn't a thing in the world that I can't face...
As long as it's anything but you

The creakiness of classic wood
Sounds from the major motion picture
What could turn such a lioness into such a coward?
Do unto others as they do unto you
Every year is the same
A life long struggle
With no possibility of parole


Come on down now baby
Come on down now with me
Come on down now baby
Let me take you down

Come on down now baby
Let me watch you sink
Come on down now baby
Down to the bottom of the sea

Come on down now baby
Come on down now with me
Come on down now baby
Let me take you down

Come on down now baby
Let me watch you sink
Let's get digested in the belly of the beast

You just need all of me, don't you?

The tyranny is over!
Domestic revolutionaries rejoice!

I'll be right here waiting...
Track Name: Klendathu
Forgive her lord for she knows not what she does
But more so for what she's done
I'd rather your rays of vengeance channel through me
May she never again lay her head for sleep

And when her mind
Is too heavy to refrain from rest
May what's left of her heart
Explode within her chest

Forgive us lord for we have sinned
The passion remains but not within
Your little weak one, led into the wild
Innocence stricken, I was but a child

May she suffer
Until her final breath
Only then
May she finally get some rest
Until her final breath

Forgive me lord for I did what I had to do
I know when I open my eyes I won't be seeing you

As we watch each other burn
Limb by limb, strand by strand
We'll be together
Just like we'd always planned

As we watch each other burn...
Track Name: Game Over, No Credits
Dance across my pupils
Like you're dancing across my grave
Run down your path like you have some soul left to save

Take another stroll, walking hand in hand
It's addition by division, you'll never understand

Don't you think you sound a little pretentious?
Don't you speak a little high and mighty?
Your heart's been worn down, ragged and raw
Your time is up, too late to turn this thing around

Oh and don't it taste so good?
A new flavor every hour
Run down your path like you have some soul left to save

Find another hole, digging through and through
Your tunnel's caving in, you'll never learn to move

Your ship is sinking
But you just think you're swimming
It doesn't matter as long as you think you're winning
Swallow another load to keep your head from spinning


Turn this thing around